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The world is the best model in the world. Check out my portfolio from around the globe at Fine Art America. Go to Fine Art America...

Bernie sanders 2016 

Since October 2015, I have been following the Bernie Sanders campaign across the USA. See more here! View Bern Against the Machine page...

shoot cameras, not guns.


Got into photography via founding and operating Anycal Clothing ( in 2008. I was also a diesel technician for Caterpillar from then until 2015. Photography, video production and art in general took over my concern for life. Decided to leave the CAT job and set Anycal on a hiatus, to travel the world. There my passion for photography grew. Now that is the focus, Caliphisticated encompasses all my works. Thank you for visiting the site and in the Discover section, you can find links to my photos, paintings and Anycal! I also started a media/activist Facebook page: Bern Against the Machine for this crazy 2016 Presidential election!!